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re: Lyrical Plugin


Many of you have wondered how to display lyrics when you are playing music.  The Lyrical plug in allows you to do that.  TO get the Lyrical Plugin, either get it using Plugin Compendium, or go to this web site and download Lyrical.  The Plugin is also found here int the File Library.  Follow the instructions on how to install the plug in.  Basically it is the same as with Songbook, you extract the file you download and then copy the folder Astleigh to your My Documents\The Lord Of The Rings Online\Plugins folder.  Then in game type \plugins refresh then \plugins load lyrical  into the chat window.  

Loading Lyrics

Lyrical comes with lyrics to one poem/song.  To add lyrics you click New and it will prompt you for your lyric title.  Enter that and then if you wish enter a folder name to group lyrics together..For example, I placed all of my Enya lyrics into a folder called Enya.  They when you click open, you see Enya as a title and when you click that, you see all the songs in that folder.  You can find lyrics all over the play, you simply cut and paste them into the Lyric Text window and click save. 

Playing a Lyric

Click Open then select the lyric you want to display while playing a song..NOTE, there is no connection to Songbook or music so you can use Lyrical to tell stores, or recite poetry as well.  Highlight the line you want to display in user chat and click the button at the bottom of the screen.  Lyrical will display that line and advance to the next line to be displayed next..Thats it.

That being said, I have started a LyricalPluginData zip file that I have posted so that you can get a head start.. Look in the files library and you will see  This is my lyrical data with some lyrics already in it.  AFTER you have installed the Lyrical plugin, download and extract the LyricalPluginData zip file from the SnS file library and you will see a Lyrical folder.  Copy this to your My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\PluginData\yourLoginName\AllServers folder  reload the lyrical plug in and you should see some Enya and Roy Orbison Lyrics.  More to come...

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