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re: I can not download an ABC song from a website

Most of you have run into this; You find a song you want to download from a website, whether on Seeds And Stems or anyone else's, and all you see is a bunch of code that you does not make sense. What you are actually seeing is the ABC code LOTRO uses to create the music. The reason you can not download this is that Windows does not know what to do with an ABC file. A one time trick to get around this is to assign a default program to an existing ABC file on your computer then you can download music without issue. Here is what to do.

1. Go to your music folder and right click on an existing music file (.abc file extension).
2. Select Open With
3. Depending on your version of windows it may be slightly different but this is for Windows 7, select Choose Select Default Program
4. Best option, if you have installed the Lotro ABC player, browse to that program and select it. If you do this, you get the bonus of when you double click on a ABC file, you will launch the ABC player so that you can listen to it. If you have not installed the LOTRO ABC Player, then browse to and select notepad.
5. If you selected the ABC player, it will launch that program and begin playing. If you selected notepad, it will show the ABC code in notepad. Close either program launched and that is it.

Once windows has a program associated with the abc file type, the next time you click on a link to download, you will be prompted to launch the default program or save the file. You may then save the file to your music folder.

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