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re: Firebrands Show on Landroval


Howdy Firebrands,

I have some exciting news to share.  Firebrands has been given a permanent performance slot on Landroval!!!   We have three possible timeslots Saturdays at 4:00, Sundays at 2:00 or 4:00.  I have tentatively accepted the Sundays at 4:00 pm.  We will share this time slot with Frequency Modulators as neither group wants to do weekly concerts.  Frequency Modulators had their first show Sunday September 29th.  Currently our first show is scheduled for October 26th  at 4:30.  It will be on the Landroval server in Bree at the park across from the Jail.  We will try to do monthly shows through the beginning of 2015 then maybe a bi weekly show after that.    We have been getting numerous requests to perform on Landroval .   I have posted some of the numbers for a our second concert set on our web and our reputation is preceding us as other bands have gotten that music and have performed some of them already on Landroval.  In other words Firebrands needs to perform their set soon!!!!

I have started a Firebrands kin on Landroval. Please send a mail/tell to Beorbauer when you create your alt so I will know who it is.  Also please join the kin if you can.  I will use the kin house to store props.

I want to make this an enjoyable show and based on the number of comments we have received to date, the added visual effects to our Shirefest concert made it a hit.  That being said I am envisioning more of a variety show than a concert.  Here are my thoughts on what I want us to do:

Overall Theme- Remains the same.  Cowboys around a campfire.  Everyone needs cowboy gear so you need to get your alt to level 20 to runs some (2 or 3) skirmishes to get the gear.  These are low level and do not require many marks and medallions to get them.  This also means we all need plain horses not decorated ones so you will need to buy one from the horse farm.  No warhorses on Landy as we will not have them.  We reevaluate warhorses on Crickhollow as they would be hard to do the formation changes on.  This also affects our song choices.  Identity is the goal here.  While we have some pop songs mixed into our set, they are all still believable as something a cowboy band would play.  So Happy has got to go Lafwulf sorry.  We will discuss potential songs for upcoming sets. I already have set 2 underway, but keep the theme in mind.   Firebands should not and will not be a band that plays 50s rock followed by a classical number followed by a pop song.  We are Firebrands enough said.

Synchronized entry/exit.  We would use normal 162 horses on walk mode to enter.  No one will have warsteeds on Landroval  anyway.  We would /follow the person in front of us and walk mounted.  There will be two lines with the first in the front row and first in the back row leading the lines.  No one else would touch their keys during entry as the /follow will follow your target.  The front horses would pull the other 5 horses in each line like a train.  This works as I have tested to make sure.  If you don’t have an alt there it is important to get your alt to a level they can buy a standard horse from Bree- land horse fields (level 20).

Formations.  All bands stand in 2 horizontal lines.  I want us to change that.  Our opening formation will be a half circle around the campfire.  We will send the fire starter out first and have them build us a fire.  Using synchronized entry described above, the front two horses will approach the fire at a walk then turn to the right (or left depending on the direction of travel) and walk behind the fire curling around it until they reach the adjacent spot on the opposite side of the fire, pulling everyone around the fire .    At that point everyone will turn and face the audience on command.  We will use this for 4 songs then change to a double Phalanx.  To do this, we would remove fire and fire starter and the center front row person would walk to the front line with the center person in the back row on /Follow.  The same goes for the horse to the right and left of center, stopping at the back of the center horse. The outside horses would then back up to the back row  For the final four numbers we would walk everyone up to the front to make that traditional 2 line formation.  The fire starter would return for the  4 final numbers.

Dialog.  I want to add comedy and interaction between band members.  To accomplish this I will come up with some pre scripted Dialog which various members would launch on command We would use the Lyrical plug-in to accomplish this.  All band members should install the Lyrical plug in.  It is available on the Seeds And Stems Website.  It is very simple to use and if you need help installing it I will assist.  Each song intro will be scripted into lyrical so everyone can follow along.  There will not be interaction on all songs but scattered throughout the set.  An example would be as follows..

Master Of Ceremony MC: Our first  number is our adopted theme song… The Magnificent Seven

Band Member BM:  Wait just a durn minute there..

MC: What is it BM?

BM:  You said our theme song was the Magnificent Seven

MC: Yeah so what’s the problem?

BM: There are twelve of us..

MC:  Yeah so ..

BM:  Which ones of us do you think are magnificent and which are not?

MC:  That’s the name of the song BM

BM:  Then it should be the Magnificent Twelve then.

MC:  Alright alright. (ahem) Our opening number is the Magnificent Twelve

(Music starts)

This is not as hard as it sounds when pre-scripted into Lyrical.  Parts will be assigned before practice.  We will not do more than a couple of song intros this way but will be good attention grabbers.  All songs will be introduced with a lyrical script.

Song Lyrics – I will have custom lyrics that I will ask band members to perform like Naolwyn did at Shirefest. I will try to have lyrics for most songs into Lyrical and each band member that will sing that song should load those lyrics into lyrical..It’s a simple process.

Special Effects- This is an area we have just tapped upon but I think is potentially the most exciting area we could incorporate.  The simple act of adding a fire and playing on horseback was an example of how effects establish an image.  We are going to expand upon this.  For our first show, we are  adding  two more elements.   For the Nine Black riders I will get everyone a black robe.  We can all share as you trade the robe and put it straight into your wardrobe without equipping it.  Then give the robe back from you bag.  Now you can add the robe to your character from the wardrobe.  Everyone will switch to black robes for Nine Black Riders (Two Black Cadillacs).  Also for this song I plan to use a Rune Keeper to slip in behind us and during the song place a Fulgerite Runestone.  Hopefully no one will see the Rune Keeper get behind us or see him standing there.  Lightening will strike the ground during that song at 30 second interval more or less.  He will move around behind us to allow the lightening to strike different locations.  Other special effects are also planned for future shows.


As you can see we have a lot of work to do before October 26.  It will require more than a casual commitment on our band member’s part to make this happen.  We will need rehearsal time and up front prep time from all so if you are not interested in making this commitment, don’t respond to this mailer.  I will assume non responses as a sign of non commitment.  No hard feelings either way but if we are to pull this off we need to do the legwork.  But if we do pull this off,  I feel it will be something special.  RSVP if you are all in and get your Alts started now!!!   Cowboys ride hard so not for the wagon sitters.  Yippee kayahaye Firebrands!


Firebrands Letter For 10/26 Show On Landroval

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