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re: Letter to Firebrands


Greetings Firebrands.


I wanted to thank each one of you again for your time and effort to participate in Shirefest 2014. My opinion of how our performance went is a little on the partial side (we totally knocked it out of the park)..ahem please disregard that last statement, so I will defer to what one of the event organizers Larksong aka Gwencara sent to me:


I loved what you guys did with the whole cowboy/campfire/horses theme. Your Lyrical was spot-on and the musical choices were excellent. Judging by your forum posts, I was expecting . . . not a whole bunch. Little Gwen checked that your group was out and was amazed at the precision formation, but then she had to announce you. When she turned around again and saw TWELVE mounted musicians and a fire, she just about tumbled down the hill! She was facing the crowd and had Lyrical open, so she didn't get to see what was going on behind her. I talked to Daffin later and he said the mounting of the horses was really impressive and unexpected. You truly wowed the crowd! 


Rosalie the Leader of Second Breakfast sent this to me:

your performance knocked our socks off.  It was a great accomplishment.  Your whole theme was fantastic, too.  I can't praise the performance enough.  I hope we'll see more of The Firebrands. 


One event organizer also shared that we were “better than anything on Landy” This is high praise coming from a regular on Landroval and a multi-year Weatherstock participant.


That being said, I started thinking why don't we shoot for Weatherstock next year? There is a title and turbine points at stake. Plus I really believe we bring something they haven't seen before. I would like to hear from you guys. Send me and in game mail to let me know if you are interested in pursing performing at Weatherstock. Also we have had multiple requests to do a concert. I dont want to get into the grind of doing a weekly practice/concert thing but I do think it would be fun to try to reform and play our set for a different crowd. Let me know what you think about that too.


That being said, if you are interested in performing at Weatherstock, then you may want to create an alt on Landroval and start leveling. It will give you several months to get to a level safe for the lonelands. It will tough to get high enough to do warsteeds there but we should be able to get kindred and get a faction horse that will work...The Bree one is plain and looks Western. I also thought it might be good to form a Firebrands kin on Landroval so let me know if you are interested in that.


I have watched the videos (Thanks Gunros for doing that) several times and I cannot keep from smiling at how we did there. Great job to all and I am proud to know ya.



Yippe – kaah – ya -aa Firebrands

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