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re: How to install a new Seeds and Stems music folder


Seeds and Stems has over 1200 songs in its music library.  To make it easy to keep everyone in sync with the latest music, we post this music library as a complete music folder on our web site 


Downloading the Music Folder.

On the Seeds and Stems Website mentioned above select  the File Library/Gallery tab then select the File Library tab.  You should then see a list of files that you can download.  The first file in the list that starts with 0_SeedsAndStemsMusic… followed by a date is the zipped file of our music library (for example the file name as of this post is  Click on this and it will download to your downloads folder.  Some internet browsers may ask you what to do with this file before you download.  If this happens, take the Save File option and save it to your downloads folder.


Installing the Music Folder.

The first thing to do is to remove or rename your current Music folder.  Go to File Explorer and navigate to your \Documents\The Lord Of The Rings Online folder.  If you already have a music folder and you wish to keep your current songs, rename your current music folder to something else by right clicking on your current  Music folder and selecting rename.   Type a new name for your music folder.  If you want to simply replace your current Music folder, right click on your current Music folder and select Delete.  If you do not already have a Music folder, you are done.

NOTE!!! It is important to remove or rename your current Music folder as the most common problem we have seen is copying the Seeds and Stems Music folder into your current Music folder..If you have a folder called Music inside your Music folder, Songbook will not work!

Now return to your Downloads folder and find the (yyymmdd is the date on the file) right click and select extract all or some extraction programs say extract here.  After this extracts you will have either a folder named 0_SeedsAndStemsMusicyyyymmdd or one called Music in your downloads folder depending on which extraction program your PC uses.  If you have the 0_SeedsAndStemsMusicyyyymmdd folder navigate inside that and you will see a Music folder.  Right click on the Music folder  and select either Cut, Copy or Move.  I prefer Cut  then navigate to your \Documents\The Lord Of The Rings Online folder.  Inside the \Documents\The Lord Of The Rings Online folder right click on any white space and select Paste.  This will copy or Move the Music folder to your \Documents\The Lord Of The Rings Online folder.  You then should see a \Documents\The Lord Of The Rings Online\Music.


Reloading the Songbook Plugin

The Music folder you installed had multiple subfolders in it for sorting music by number of  parts, seasonal music, etc.  It is cumbersome to use without the Songbook plugin and we highly recommend using songbook.  If you do not already have songbook, see the forum posting on the songbook plugin.  Navigate to your \Documents\The Lord Of The Rings Online\Plugins\Chiran  folder.  Inside the Chiran folder you will see the songbook HTML application or it may be called songbook.hta  Double click on that file and it will launch a window that will ask you to build your Music Library.  Click that button to proceed.  Since we have over 1200 songs now, this takes a little while.  It will eventually come back and tell you that that it found a number of songs in a number of folders.  When that is done you need to refresh LOTRO with the new plugin data.  You can either log out and back in or you and type /plugins unload into the chat window of LOTRO. Hit enter. Then type/plugins load songbook to reload songbook.

NOTE!!!  Any time you add or change music to your music library, you must reload songbook to get it to pick up the new material.


If for some reason you do not want to use the songbook plugin with our music library, you will need to add the folder name to the song name in your play commands.  For example to play May It Be harp part in the 2Part folder the command would be /play \2Part\MayItBe_Multi2 2

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